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Manager of a large year-end summary

Background: The "scratch skull also could not write it!" "Bubble tea, smoking cigarettes, Bie or not to write a word about the evening." "Let me sell okay, write me sum up not deliberately make things difficult? "a time when the end of the year-end summary of writing a lot of heart region manager, the company concluded the year-end reminders, many managers are anxious large area round and round. Usually completely lost command of the party strikes, and similar sentiments, sigh "make the market easier, write summary difficult."

In fact, the year-end summary is not just a task, it at least three functions:

1, sum up the merits and demerits, and guide their future direction. "Sales is the rice bowl of youth!", Marketing people, to their performance time is not long into the industry, accidentally became a 30 several. If not good at summing up in time, at any time to adjust their own, are likely to become "old" salesmen. Region Manager of the same, year after year are the third child if the sample is not self-learning and growing, and soon will be "The waves pushed before," to free itself.

2, to achieve the leap from practice to theory. Marketing majors in college, the practice of summing up the year with his own theory in contrast, think of new marketing methods or review new theory; If it is mid-life switch to year-end summary of work practices can help themselves rise to the theoretical level, one guide themselves Second, can educate their sales team brought.

3, with the best chance of communication management. Region Manager of long-term overseas, to get the company's support and management recognition and management of communication is essential. This communication is not usually a few phone calls can be resolved, it is an interactive, self-expression and expression is. The total year-end written, and objective reporting of the results of a year, expressed his surprise a year left and right outside the "hard" to obtain management approval, or to upgrade or get more sales policy support in the coming year. Well done, but not by summing up the opportunity to express themselves, and only one side grumble: "Damn, I did not do well but rose faster than me."

A brand below to southern region manager of the year end as an example, briefly summarize the structure and writing the year-end points:


A brand in 2005 for Love South District job summary

South China market (Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian) in the company's support, the rapid expansion of sales channels and developed in years was once again abandoned the market in Hainan. To complete the sales task, up 26.68 percent over the same period of payment, is the year's work are summarized as follows (year-end summary of the writing should be divided into two parts, one summing up the work this year, two year work plan for the future. In summing up this year is to review some of the major sales a year; on the direct impact on the operating results of the work year for focused analysis, but only the key, do not remember Liushui Zhang; objective reporting market problems; statement highlights the work of writing highlights the work, not simply table function, but reflects the ability to work and brought their own sales team. part of the work plan the following year, to highlight a sales target to achieve sales goals based on what? In addition, the major number of the next year work plan in writing, to locate the position of yourself, do not write provincial manager of summary specific to the analysis of a network of sales channels or methods. Do not write general sales manager concluded, but only the direction, vision and concept on.)

1, summing up the work this year

Sales Review

South China market as many small and medium brands, di color, bright cut, City Flower Show has cut into the end of these new stores to occupy the brand share, in 2003 and 2004 are in a situation of declining sales. This can be arrested, and to achieve 23.48 percent growth, mainly living in two reasons: First, Wal-Mart to recover the right to operate. Wal-Mart has been by the dealer before delivery, Results section, we provide marketing and promotion support, dealers enjoy the profits. As the distribution of operating funds are limited, Wal-Mart stores increased by Hsi, distributors before the end of the regular Wal-Mart can not meet the order demand; the same time, distributors for high profits, largely on the shop sales support, causing Wall Mary insufficient attention to our brand, stacking support for the display or are less. For these reasons a direct impact on sales growth, it began last year in consultation with the dealer, Wal-Mart earlier this year right to operate a successful recovery. Wal-Mart Direct into the company, no longer out of stock situations occur, and increased promotional support for the shop, Wal-Mart's annual sales of 9.2 million yuan directly increase.

On the other hand, the market re-development of Hainan. Hainan market two years ago because the dealer is the company to abandon reason, in June this year, looking for new distributors, re-start the operation, six months to a direct increase in sales of 3.72 million yuan. (Analysis of the main reasons for growth in sales is a source, no growth or decline for no reason. Your regional growth, and company management are not necessarily the first to cast a positive eye, perhaps the question: Is the changing commodity ? is below the performance of provincial office manager of his right, a large district manager did not play a decisive role in growth? management of the station's point of view is different way to think there are differences, not subjective, that the management knows everything, a lot of misunderstanding often occurs because they do not communicate. up, because what? down, why? objective written, both to reduce misunderstanding, but also realize their line has been in the market, market development and its planning and inseparable from the operation, as the region manager, he was not "slip of the hands dispensers." Of course, the sales decline, themselves bear the brunt of responsibility.)

Business Analysis

By the beginning of the budget, cost of sales points in South China region, 27%, the profit target of 10%.

Since we are terminal sales, need to configure a large number of promotional staff, sales representatives and back office personnel relatively high, salaries have been so high, hovering at around 14.5%, accounting for a large proportion of sales charges. South China market as the cost remains high, has not completed the profit targets for two consecutive years.

In order to reduce cost of sales, increased operating profit, mainly in South China made two adjustments: First, optimizing personnel. Provincial Office and Provincial Office where the lead manager regional manager, regional manager and part of the store management, direct reduction of the South China market, sales representative 15; authorized each province to do with warehousing, clerk, cashier, back office number three, can not raise . On the other hand, changed the store to spend it. As the years before the sale terminals used, as long as on the goods, sales reached 3,000 yuan in the store, sales personnel will configure a per capita output unreasonable. Made an adjustment this year, removing a single store output at 4500 yuan in store sales staff. At the same time increase the Carrefour, Pokka, Trust-Mart, Wal-Mart, Jusco, Hualian (Guangxi), Liuzhou good use of chain (has been Lianhua mergers) and other key inputs to the retail store, by raising the yield to cost of sales . Work by these two, the per capita yield from 2004 95 000 / people increased to 124,000 / person, directly reduce the cost of sales. (Sales in the year, a number of events or decisions directly affect the operating results. Analysis of operating conditions, with emphasis on analyzing the results of operations have a significant impact on the sales event or decision-making. One aspect of the business of demonstrating its ability to reflect the sales team performance; the other hand, is to provide management with some new methods of work and work methods of work conducive to good methods across the country to enhance the company's sales performance, not their "blase" .)


South China market, although sales growth, but there is a big problem, particularly reflected in the sales force and distribution channels of instability not sinking two.

Sales force of instability, due to the size of the Guangdong market, many Japanese brand, the South China market cosmetic category sales professionals excess demand. Some small brands to attract experienced sales staff and dealers to obtain information, often with high salaries to lure, resulted in a mature brand sales staff. Brothers transferred from the market earlier this year, the Guangdong market, eight senior regional manager, has four switched to the same small brand, a resignation, a direct impact on the work of the Guangdong market.

Sales channels not sink into the current focus on large stores to protect the dealers profit sales model, so our products remain in a secondary market sales, 34 county-level market and industrial areas inhabited by migrant workers to hard to see Our product sales. This is mainly due to product sales for many years, prices have been transparent, and 34 county-level market distributors sell small profit margins, loss of enthusiasm for selling our products. Our energies and sales support focused on 12 large-scale retail store market, on the 34 county-level distributors without input and support, many small and medium brands are taking advantage of this opportunity, in the 34 county-level market and industrial areas migrant workers living in compact communities, and increase the speed to accelerate market development, sales investment, and establish a solid sales position. (Objective report on the problems the market is not complaining. But the analysis of the problem in order to find their own solution to the problem into next year, this year the market to work. To understand the real management issues, but also for further policy support you lay the foundation for sales. Do not worry about the problem, the process of selling the process to solve the problem originally, if there is perfect market, there would be no reason for marketing people. most of the company's management understands the reason.)


This year sales of the most noteworthy results are accurate grasp of hair care products sold to the rising trend of increased efforts to promote hair care products, hair care products made direct sales growth of 120%, in particular, 150ml hair care factor in Wal-Mart, Carrefour, PNS, Liuzhou good ranking with the chain's sales, from May to November has been to maintain the first hair care category, the number of sales of bottles of hair conditioner than to spend more than bees.

The promotion of hair care products, mainly made of sale terminals around the following aspects of work:

1, produced a large number of store light box. Day started, it asked more than 5,000 square meters of business area of the retail stores must be made not less than 1.5 square meters of store advertising light box 1. Such as the National Palace in Nanning Hualian store on the release of a 3 lightboxes square meters of hair conditioner;

2, large shop equipment distributed free trial. March to May this year, the South China market, or shop at retail stores free of charge in front of trial conditioner installed a total of 120 million. Late, often reflect the terminal promoters because many customers feel better after the trial to end purchase.

3, focusing on promotion. Month, Carrefour, PNS, Trust-Mart, Wal-Mart, Jusco, Hualian (Guangxi), Liuzhou good focus with the chain stores are arranged such at least one side frame DM promotions or store promotions, direct enhanced sales.

4, training. Of the promoters were sub 4 hair conditioner sales knowledge and knowledge of the training, the promoters of professional competence, as recommended by hair care products to consumers, provides a theoretical basis. (Highlights, highlights the work. In reading the summary before you may have read a summary of other large area manager, or even read your reading of others, perhaps a clerk came in the middle of signature pruning; If it is a collective meeting for reporting, follow God more. How can the management not only remember your sales growth, but also remember you in order to achieve sales growth, like a lot of ways, a lot of work, the report highlights the work becomes particularly important. sales do today, until then may not be too much, but through a lot of information gathering to make accurate judgments on the market, change the outdated sales methods to achieve breakthroughs in sales, such examples are many. focus is you done? done is round up? or is under the jurisdiction of an area you do, you raise a timely conclusion, and in all regions to promote? report highlights the work is not simply the story, it is with the company's management interactive communication, so that management can see you work hard, hard work, not "rest on its laurels.")

Second, the work plan in 2006 Sales

Marketing plan


聽聽聽 涓轰簡瀹炵幇鏁翠綋25%鐨勫闀匡紝闄や簡甯姪鍚勭渷鍔炰綔濂藉悗鍕や繚闅滃伐浣滃锛岄拡瀵瑰崕鍗楀競鍦哄疄闄呮儏鍐碉紝纭畾鏄庡勾鍑犻」宸ヤ綔閲嶇偣锛?br />
聽聽聽 1銆佺ǔ瀹氶攢鍞槦浼嶃?浠婂勾搴曚笌鍜屽叕鍙镐汉浜嬮儴浣滀簡娌熼?锛屼负浜嗚鑼冪敤宸ワ紝涔熶负浜嗙暀浣忎紭绉?攢鍞汉鍛橈紝鍗庡崡甯傚満鎵?湁閿?敭浜哄憳鍜屼績閿?潱瀵煎皢绾冲叆鍏徃璐拱绀句細淇濋櫓浜哄憳涓紝涓哄叾缂寸撼涓夐噾锛涜法鐪佽皟鍏ュ崕鍗楀競鍦虹殑浜哄憳锛屼竴骞翠韩鍙?娆℃帰浜插亣锛屾瘡娆¤繛鍦ㄩ?9澶╋紙鍚槬鑺傦級锛屾姤閿?潵鍥炲樊鏃呰垂鐢紱瀵瑰箍涓滃競鍦猴紝鑰冭檻鍒版秷璐规按骞宠緝楂橈紝鎵?湁浜哄憳搴曡柂澧炲姞20%锛涙彁渚涘煿璁満浼氾紝姣忎釜瀛e害閫夋嫨涓ゅ悕浼樼鍖哄煙缁忕悊鍒颁腑灞卞ぇ瀛﹀弬鍔犺惀閿?鐞嗙煭璁彮锛屾彁鍗囧尯鍩熺粡鐞嗘暣浣撶礌璐ㄧ殑鍚屾椂澧炲姞鍏跺鍏徃鐨勫綊灞炴劅銆?br />
聽聽聽 2銆侀攢鍞笭閬撲笅娌夛紝閲嶇偣鏀寔涓夊洓绾у幙绾у競鍦恒?鍚勭渷璁惧畾涓?畾鐨勯攢鍞噺锛屼竴骞村唴骞冲潎鏈堥攢鍞噺杈捐嚦璁惧畾鐨勬爣鍑嗭紝缁欎簣閿?敭璐圭敤鍜屼汉鍛樻敮鎸併?閿?敭閲忚緝澶х殑涓夊洓绾у幙绾у競鍦烘垨宸ヤ笟鍖哄鏉ュ伐鑱氬眳鍦帮紝鍙互灏嗗垎閿?晢鐩存帴杞负鍏徃缁忛攢鍟嗭紝缁欎簣閽堝缁忛攢鍟嗙殑鏀跨瓥鏀寔銆傚骞胯タ骞冲潎鏈堥攢鍞噺杈惧埌3涓囩殑鍘跨骇甯傚満鍙互鎶曞叆2鍚嶄績閿?憳鍜屼績閿?搧锛涘箍涓滃皬鎻介晣鐩存帴灏嗗垎閿?晢杞负鍏徃缁忛攢鍟嗐?锛堟?缁撶殑绗竴閮ㄥ垎鎻愬埌浜嗗奖鍝?005骞撮攢鍞疄鐜版洿澶у闀跨殑涓や釜闂锛氫竴鏄攢鍞槦浼嶇ǔ瀹氾紱浜屾槸閿?敭娓犻亾娌¤兘涓嬫矇鑷充笁鍥涚骇鍘跨骇甯傚満銆傝嚜宸辨憜鍑虹殑闂锛岃鑷繁鍘绘彁鍑鸿В鍐虫柟妗堬紝杩欐牱鎵嶈兘鏄庣‘鐨勫悜绠$悊灞備紶杈捐嚜宸辨湁绠$悊濂戒竴鏂瑰競鍦虹殑鑳藉姏鍜屼俊蹇冦?涔熸槸杩涗竴姝ヨ癄閲婃槑骞寸殑閿?敭鏉ユ簮锛岃鍏徃绠$悊灞傛洿鍔犵浉淇′綘鎵?彁鍑虹殑閿?敭澧為暱鐩爣銆傦級

聽聽聽 3銆佷负KA鍗栧満璁捐涓撲緵浜у搧銆傚崕鍗桲A鍗栧満鐨勯攢鍞噺鍗犲埌鏁翠綋閿?敭閲忕殑45%锛屼唤棰濊緝澶с?浠婂勾涓嬪崐骞达紝浠ヤ骇鍝佷笉鍚屼績閿?缁勫悎鏂瑰紡涓撲緵娌冨皵鐜涖?瀹朵箰绂忓拰鐧句匠锛岄攢鍞晥鏋滆緝濂姐?瀹炶返璇佹槑锛屽湪KA鍗栧満浠ヤ笉鍚屼簬鍏跺畠閿?敭娓犻亾鐨勪骇鍝佺粍鍚堟柟寮忓嚭鐜板閿?敭鏈夊埄锛屼竴鏄敱浜庝互淇冮攢瑁呭舰寮忓敭鍗栵紝鍙堜笉鎻愰珮闆跺敭浠凤紝鍙互鐩存帴澧炲姞閿?噺锛涘彟涓?柟闈紝鐢变簬KA閿?敭鐨勪骇鍝佸拰鍏跺畠閿?敭娓犻亾閿?敭浜у搧鏈変竴瀹氬尯闅旓紝鍙互鍦ㄤ竴瀹氱▼搴︿笂缁存姢浠锋牸浣撶郴锛屼繚鎶ゅ叾瀹冮攢鍞笭閬撳拰缁忛攢鍟嗗埄娑︺?

聽聽聽 2006骞村皢鍜屽叕鍙稿競鍦洪儴鍜孠A绠$悊閮ㄦ矡閫氾紝缁х画涓篕A鍗栧満璁捐鐗规畩淇冮攢瑁咃紝閽堝娌冨皵鐜涜繖鏍蜂笉瑕佹潯鐮佽垂鐢ㄧ殑鍗栧満锛屼负鍏跺畾鍒朵笉鍦ㄥ叾瀹冩笭閬撻攢鍞殑涓撲緵浜у搧銆傞?杩囦績閿?鐨勫尯闅旇繀閫熸彁鍗囬攢鍞噺锛岄?杩囦竴瀹氱殑浜у搧鍖洪殧淇濇姢鍏跺畠閿?敭娓犻亾鍒╂鼎銆傦紙璁╁疄鐜伴攢鍞殑寮哄娍娓犻亾瓒婃潵瓒婂己锛屼竴鏂归潰灞曠幇鑷繁鑳界湅鍒板競鍦哄彉鍖栬秼鍔匡紱鍙︿竴鏂归潰浣撶幇鑷繁鐨勫叏灞?锛屾妸鍖哄煙鐨勬垚鍔熺粡楠屾彁浜ょ粰鍏徃鍒嗕韩銆傚彲浠ヤ负KA鎻愪緵涓撲緵浜у搧锛熶负浠?箞涓嶈兘涓哄叾瀹冩笭閬撴彁渚涗笓渚涗骇鍝侊紵杩欐槸鍒烘縺绠$悊灞傛?鑰冩柊鐨勫彂灞曠瓥鐣ョ殑G鐐癸紝浠ヨ繖鏍风殑娌熼?鏂瑰紡灞曠幇鑷繁锛屾洿鑳藉緱鍒板叕鍙哥鐞嗗眰鐨勮鍙?鍚屾椂锛屾?缁撹繖绉嶉?杩囪嚜宸卞伐浣滀綋浼氬緱鍑虹殑璁ょ煡锛屾槸浠庡疄璺靛埌鐞嗚鐨勯璺冿紝瀵硅嚜宸辨槸涓?浜嗕笉璧风殑鎻愰珮鍜岃嚜鎴戝煿璁?锛?br />
聽聽聽 鏈汉灏嗕互韬綔璐o紝鍏间换骞夸笢鐪佸姙缁忕悊锛屼互瀹為檯琛屽姩鏉ュ甫棰嗘暣涓洟鍐插嚮璁″垝鐩爣銆傦紙璁╁叕鍙哥鐞嗗眰鐪嬪埌浜嗕綘鐨勫伐浣滆兘鍔涳紝鐪嬪埌浜嗕綘鎵?甫閿?敭鍥㈤槦鐨勪笟缁╋紝鏇磋璁╁叕鍙哥鐞嗗眰鏄庣‘浜嗚В浣犱細缁х画鍦ㄥ叕鍙告湇鍔★紝閫氳繃鑷繁鐨勪笟缁╄幏寰楄鍙殑杩涘彇鎬濇兂銆傦級


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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Liang Dong, vice president of Baidu's resignation

"Pundits" Liang winter will no longer be Baidu's vice president, his next step is to continue to "spread traditional Chinese culture."

Last Friday, Baidu formally announced its top public relations executives beam news of the resignation of winter. Baidu said Liang Dong in the next two months or so to complete the transition, then will participate in the social welfare services.

Baidu to enter when he is talking heads of the beam Phoenix Baidu CEO Robin Li winter once and agreed only in Baidu for two years. Sure enough, Baidu services for more than two years later, Liang Dong successfully accomplished our mission. Laid for the success of the brand-based Baidu, he has accumulated enough business capital, the return value of stock options received amazing.

Baidu is given in terms of high winter beam evaluation, that he helped build from Baidu corporate culture and external public relations framework, and by planning a series of books laid Baidu in China, the first impression the public mind.

Liang Dong, said he did not intend to go to other companies recently as the substantive work, the main task is to do public service activities, including promotion, including Chinese traditional culture. At the same time, Liang Dong will serve as Baidu Senior Brand Planner.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

What is the JPEG2000

Analysis: Chao-phase

Full name JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group, it is a International Standards Organization (ISO) engaged in a static image compression standard developed by the Commission. It worked out the first set of national standard still image compression standard: ISO 10918-1 JPEG is what we called a. As the JPEG fine quality, making it in just a few years and great success, the current site on 80% of the image is compressed using JPEG standard. However, with the proliferation of multimedia applications, the traditional JPEG compression technology has been unable to satisfy the requirements of the multimedia image data. Therefore, a higher compression ratio and more new features of next-generation JPEG 2000 still image compression technology was born.

JPEG 2000 is formally known as "ISO 15444", the same organization responsible for the development by the JPEG. Since March 1997 the planning, but a few years, the issue of delay in the algorithm selected a lot of time, it is widely expected to go to in December 2000 to develop JPEG2000 was completed in March 2000 at a meeting in Tokyo may be due to digital camera manufacturers put pressure on the final provisions of the basic coding system introduced earlier draft agreement was finally renamed as JPEG2001 without a.

JPEG2000 principle:

JPEG JPEG 2000 and the biggest difference between traditional, in that it abandoned the JPEG discrete used to convert the remaining string (Discrete Cosine Transform) block-based encoding, and used the wavelet transform (Wavelet transform)-based multi-resolution encoding. The main objective of wavelet transform to the image of the frequency components extracted. Simple diagram can refer to the diagram.

JPEG2000 advantages:

1, JPEG2000 upgrade as JPEG, high compression (low bit rate) is the goal, the JPEG compression ratio higher than about 30%.

2, JPEG2000 supports both lossy and lossless compression, while JPEG only supports lossy compression. Save it for important pictures.

3, JPEG2000 can achieve progressive transmission of JPEG2000 this is an extremely important feature. This is the GIF format images we often say "Starts" feature. It is the first outline of image transmission, and then gradually transfer the data to continuously improve image quality, so that images from the obscure to the clear display, but not necessarily the same as the current JPEG, shown from top to bottom slowly.

4, JPEG2000 support the so-called "region of interest" feature, you can specify the image you are interested in any area of the compression quality can also choose to specify some of the first extract. So that we can easily highlight the point.

JPEG2000 applications:

JPEG 2000 application areas could be roughly divided into two parts, a market for traditional JPEG, such as printers, scanners, digital cameras, etc.; an emerging application areas, such as network network transmission, wireless communications, medical images. The current enthusiasm for JPEG 2000 is the biggest digital camera maker that. JPEG JPEG 2000 and the obvious advantages compared to, and backwards compatibility, just around the corner to replace the traditional JPEG format.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

SAP Appoints Seaman to expand the functions of president, North Asia

February 2, 2005, SAP Asia Pacific today announced the appointment of Mr. Seaman, president of SAP North Asia, responsible for SAP company in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea are all business. Expansion of the scope of the functions that SAP company insists on the growing Asia Pacific market and commitment to customers and key markets through the Asia-Pacific region (eg China) to better co-operation between service to our customers.

Mr. Seaman joined SAP in 1997, Chinese companies, as Greater China president, director of SAP in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan region. Under his leadership, SAP, and the channels through enhanced cooperation, the Greater China into a major R & D center; by 鎻愪緵 SAP in various industries and service solutions in the area, establish SAP's leading position in the SME market and SME users and the general partners to create more value, and so on SAP Greater China region continues to grow, SAP Asia Pacific has become the most powerful markets.

SAP Asia Pacific president Leihan Peng (Hans Peter Klaey), said: "Under the leadership of Mr. Seaman, SAP in China by leading information technology companies to accelerate the company's business processes, business transparency and efficiency. The terms of reference expansion, but also fully demonstrates that SAP will continue to invest in the growing North Asia, through the SAP Open and plasticity solutions for the best platform to build future business. "

Prior to joining SAP, Mr. Seaman has worked at Siemens AG, responsible for South America and Asia region. Joined SAP company, Mr. Seaman's "Lighthouse Plan" and "C-TOP" corporate culture has appeared on numerous television talk shows and magazine covers business reports. Mr. Seaman graduated from the University of Trier Master degree in Economics, he also participated in training courses, general manager of the Harvard Business School and Tsinghua University and served as a lecturer Neusoft Institute of Information Technology.


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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

VEGAS DVD The Road (2) DVD menu making

Create DVD menus, video and audio material are usually ready for the future. That is, DV works in the collection, editing (you can use the VEGAS editor, you can also use other non-linear editing software) after the output up into MPEG2 format. And DVD authoring software and then these have been treated for processing audio and video files.

This is a common practice. In fact, Sonic Foundry DVD Architect supports audio and video files into many formats. Do not adhere to the traditional DVD format MPEG2 such authentic. Sonic Foundry DVD Architect can import the video and audio file formats: WMV, ASF, MOV, MPG (MPEG, M2P, MP2), DAT, AVI, WAV, AC3, MP3 and so on. Can be directly imported into design software for DVD compression. As the last generation of non-DVD files, need to convert MPEG2 format file, so time-consuming conversion process is very long. And VEGAS rendering non-code output after almost time for the appropriate format.

Therefore, in order to save time, or for DVD production is usually ready to meet before DVD format video and audio material.

Talk about the DVD format as simple as the preparation of MPEG2 files

First of all, edited by VEGAS rendering the material as MPEG2 format. The following is the operator in VEGAS!

Completed the first of the editing of video and audio material generated rendering. Select the menu option on the map.

Appears when saving settings options. First of all, choose to save files. Remember that directory where the disk space must be large enough to be mounted under the rendering of the outcome document. 1G to 4G are usually retained in between. In short make sure you save disk space before saving enough to render results.

And then select the Save as type. Is shown in the figure above labeled 1. MAIN CONCEPT MPEG2 to select the Save as type.

And then select the compressed template is indicated diagram two drop-down menu. Usually, many people forget this step operation, rendering the results come out is not ideal fit. Then the mind to clear rendering of the standard is what? China often choose PAL format and require the choice of playing in the United States and Japan NTSC standard. DV shooting some special effects not only to select the format, have to choose whether to 24P mode video stream. Then see the drop-down menu on the map by a red box of these formats. These formats are DVD ARCHITECT at the beginning of the template. We want to create DVD in DVD ARCHITECT should begin with these DVD ARCHITECT select the template. Selected in accordance with the above-mentioned principles to. China's usually selected DVD ARCHITECT PAL VIDEO, USA and Japan often choose DVD ARCHITECT NTSC VIDEO STREAM. Other DVD ARCHITECT at the beginning of the template is rather special, if you need to select these special templates, you must have known that the special features of these templates. So this is not to say more.

There is also a universal DVD output format, the red line in the figure above, there are two formats: DVD NTSC VIDEO STREAM and DVD PAL SEPARATE STREAMS. In accordance with these two template output of DVD format MPEG2 files can be used other DVD production of documents. Such as DVD LAB, REEL DVD, DVD IT and so on. Of course, DVD ARCHITECT can use, but can not guarantee when the final output DVD without additional conversion.

When the author rendering usually through this simple three steps: select the directory, select the format, select the template. Then direct rendering. For CUSTOM button next to the character set, usually do not change. It was devoted to the CUSTOM file size under different settings and quality differences. It is also a science, not this be discussed.

VEGAS above are for the discussion of the output DVD file format. Looking back now, DVD ARCHITECT software.

Run DVD ARCHITECT if no previous DVD editing, it should come out blank DVD editing interface. Or they may automatically open the last of the editing project. Blank DVD editing program interface is as follows:


This is a completely blank project, location of a figure in English MAIN MENU is the software automatically generated. Told us, here is the main menu. Position 2 is the directory on the local computer hard drive, where the video material has been prepared to directory.

Add material

DVD ARCHITECT add in the material as long as the audio and video files using the left mouse button point of view areas to live material file link, and then onto the DVD menu, release the mouse left button. Just added the video footage shown. Can see that this figure adds two materials. Material default shape is a video of a static thumbnail, below is the file name. Thumbnail is the first frame of this video image, so a thumbnail of the video material is black, the other thumbnail is a subtitle. This demonstration, we use a MOV file, a WMV file.

Change Thumbnail

The default is the first frame images most representative of this paragraph is not necessarily the video screen. Usually need to choose the thumbnail images. To select a thumbnail directly with the mouse double-click on the thumbnail. Video material will appear editing interface. The following diagram:

This interface in the last presentation talked about. Click to mark a return to a higher level interface. Part 2 is marked as thumbnail menu select button. Marked three dynamic film started and the area selection menu button.

Static thumbnails below the menu selection method:

Online at this interface with the mouse any time designate a point in time, the preview window will appear the current time of the video screen. This section can also hold down the PLAY plays video, the need to press the stop button time STOP. Offices in the selected time frame shown in the figure by pressing the button (a blue downward triangle). Will be found in the selected time point for the emergence of a time marked with a blue triangle point. Note the software has been recorded this time as the entire menu screen thumbnails.

Then you can press the upper interface of the "Up" button to return to the superior interface. Then you can see thumbnails of the video material has become just a menu selection screen. See below.

Now we have to change the menu text. The default menu language is the video file name. To edit the menu text. First, the click of the mouse click menu item to change the text. Make this project has been selected. The selected menu item has a frame surrounded, and the whole show translucent menu items. At this point press the keyboard button "F2" or click interface marked as 2 "EDIT TEXT" button. These two operations the same functionality.

Pressed after the text of the emergence of a blinking cursor, while the blue text was selected.

You can input Chinese characters. Enter the Chinese need to pre-selected Chinese characters, see above. You can set the font, size, centered way, alignment from top to bottom, as well as font color.


The same method to replace the English text MAIN MENU Chinese, the subject can be as long as the subject line DVD, without having to adhere "menu" of the word. You can also adjust the shadow of the text. Press the down arrow next to S image above, you can adjust the shadow color, location, and the virtual level. If necessary, fine adjustment in the shadow of the performance here.

Add menu items

To add DVD menu sub-menus, text, pictures, slides and so on. As long as the design interface in the menu screen, right click. Menu appears as shown above. Choose to add the item can be. Menu item:

1 is inserted text;

2 is insert a picture (JPG, BMP etc format);

3 is the Insert submenu;

4 is inserted picture slide shows;

5 is inserted music collection;

6 is inserted media files (can be audio or video files);

7 is to set the background media files (can be audio or video files), this time playing the menu can also have background music or background of the film;

The last is not marked INSERT PAGE Insert "menu page", a menu if the option is too much, beyond the scope of the screen, you need to flip, that is, insert a new page function. Insert new pages are actually in the same menu with the class level, so insert the menu page and sub-menus are completely different!

Align menu items

Menu button above, text, icons are arranged after completion. Usually need to adjust the alignment, or manually drag the mouse the way the screen layout of these elements, there will always place the difference.

First select the alignment elements aligned elements. These elements can be the menu, title, pictures, etc., as long as the elements visible on the screen. Hold down the CTRL key does not relax the left hand, while the mouse click needs aligned elements, each element of the count. This selected element has translucent white cover. Video menu on the left and right image above is selected, of course, you can re-select the above heading. Then the left red box to see the alignment buttons are active (could have been invalid gray). Map button to see the prompt: There are left-aligned, the alignment, the middle alignment, right alignment. There are other wide button, high-button (press the button, the element will be equal to the height or width).

These steps should be more practice, if you must do a good job DVD menu, the practice is indispensable.

Frame Selection


DVD thumbnail The default frame is a fine wood frame, not every style of video material are suitable. DVD ARCHITECT offers a number of frame templates to choose. See above. First of all, the right choice OBJECT Properties page. Shown in figure 1. Then press the two drop-down menu of options, there will be a preview of frame selection, select a preferred frame, press the frame icon, the menu on the selected thumbnails using the selected frame.

Here you can see the object property 3 below, the thumbnails will not only material from the video itself, you can also specify a separate video screen or just another picture file. Therefore, a very rich source of a thumbnail. As long as enough imagination, you can use a shining thumbnail.

Is shown using a heart-shaped picture frame effect.

Menu Preview

Menu and the completed, need to preview the function. Press Preview "PREVIEW" button, the preview screen appears. One side is the analog television screens, while analog remote control. Press PLAY on the remote control play button, display the menu. Then press the remote control button to select the direction of the various sub-menus or video screen. All responses and true as the finished DVD so that you can test whether the estimated design effect.

Press the CLOSE button to return to preview the complete DVD menu editing interface.

Thus the production of DVD menu steps finished presentation. Introduce the next generation DVD documents.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3G can not be blown out by advertising

3G's hype can be summarized as three false: fake commercial, fake Networking, fake rate. China's 3G standard three operators have their own advantages and disadvantages, and some network building in building a network quickly and some slowly, some speed and some high speed low, and some more, some terminal end less, there is a gradually improve the process. However, some operators to put their own packaging into "High," image, at exaggeration, this approach will advance the user trust the cultivation of 3G market risks caused.

Zhang is wanted a good newspaper, it is really not easy. Do say "Hi I'm so Hello everybody," then the reader is to BS-ing in the mind of; but really want to reveal some of the issues in depth, some people immediately jump up to find you "talk." Since the "Times the truth," the purpose is to lecture the truth, would not avoid the problem, but sometimes unavoidable euphemism that this point of comment is not specific business name, and our intention has always been to promote the sound development of industry, not necessarily Which companies have to and make life difficult.

This year, if the domestic media's advertising revenue than last year, however, it was too sorry carriers. Turn on the TV, read newspapers, all three 3G operators in advertising, and non-prime-time television advertisements are not broadcast, non-front-page newspaper ads are not registered, only the CCTV operators each month, we should invest to 20 million yuan We race "is not bad money." Really need to do this? 3G is a take-off the communications industry, but the domestic 3G just getting started, some operators do not even have started market conditions, still omnipresent advertising, exaggeration of the Department abound, such overdraft user trust approach will result in the cultivation of 3G market risks.

The current 3G hype can be summarized as three false. The first is a fake commercial, the three operators have announced the launching of the 3G business, but the excitement if the user ran a business in a particular room operators to apply for 3G services, a salesperson may tell him: "This really is not. We say that the commercial is booking business, you first apply for a, few months so we opened the network to notify you again. "Since the 3G has not advertise commercial Why hurry? Because other carriers have announced that they do not follow what, makes it appear quite backward.

銆??绗簩鏄亣寤虹綉銆傚悇瀹惰繍钀ュ晢鍐涘绔炶禌浼煎湴瀹e竷鑷繁鐨?G寤虹綉娑堟伅锛屼綘璇磋鐩栦簡40涓煄甯傦紝鎴戣瑕嗙洊浜?0涓煄甯傦紝濂藉儚宸ョ▼娴╁ぇ鐨?G缃戠粶鍙互鍙樻垙娉曡埇鍦板畬鎴愶紝浣嗗叾瀹炴湁浜涘甯冨紑閫?G鐨勫煄甯傜綉缁滃苟涓嶆垚鐔熴?鏌愬杩愯惀鍟嗙粰涓?簺璇曠偣鍩庡競鐨処T璁拌?鎻愪緵浜嗕竴鎵?G涓婄綉鍗′綔浣撻獙锛岀粨鏋滃叏鍥絀T璁拌?涓?澶达紝閮借鎶婅繖瀹惰繍钀ュ晢鐨?G涓婄綉鍗℃墧杩涙娊灞夐噷浜嗭紝鍘熸潵瑕佹壘鍒拌繖瀹惰繍钀ュ晢鐨?G淇″彿锛屽氨璺熸兂鍦ㄥぇ琛椾笂鎹?00鍧楅挶涓?牱鍥伴毦銆?br />
銆??绗笁鏄亣閫熺巼銆?G姣旇捣2G鏉ユ槸宸ㄥぇ鐨勯璺冿紝浣嗕篃涓嶈兘琚鍖栵紝鏈夌殑杩愯惀鍟?G骞垮憡涓啓鐨勯?鐜囪浜轰竴韬喎姹楋紝閮芥瘮鏈夌嚎瀹藉甫蹇笂濂藉嚑鍊嶏紝閭h繕鐢ㄥ緱鐫?幓寤鸿鏈夌嚎瀹藉甫鍚?璇曢獙瀹や腑鐨勭悊璁烘暟鎹湪瀹為檯搴旂敤涓槸娌℃湁瀹為檯鎰忎箟鐨勶紝鎶婅繖绉嶆暟鎹嬁鏉ュ仛瀹d紶鍙細涓嶆伆褰撳湴鎶珮鐢ㄦ埛鐨勬湡鏈涘?銆?br />
銆??3G鍓嶆櫙骞块様锛屼絾涓嶅彲鑳戒竴韫磋?灏便?涓浗涓夊杩愯惀鍟嗙殑3G鍒跺紡鍚勬湁浼樺姡,鏈夌殑寤虹綉蹇偣鏈夌殑寤虹綉鎱㈢偣銆佹湁鐨勯?鐜囬珮鐐规湁鐨勯?鐜囦綆鐐广?鏈夌殑缁堢澶氱偣鏈夌殑缁堢灏戠偣锛岄兘鏈変竴涓?姝ュ畬鍠勭殑杩囩▼銆備絾鏈夌殑杩愯惀鍟嗕负鎶婅嚜宸卞寘瑁呮垚鈥滈珮澶у叏鈥濈殑褰㈣薄锛屼笉鎯滃じ澶у叾杈炪?閭d簺鍚嶄笉绗﹀疄鐨勫浼犲叾瀹炰綔涓瘮杈冩祴璇曞氨鑳芥祴鍑烘潵锛屼簬鏄繍钀ュ晢鍙堝繖涓嶈凯鍦板幓鍋氬箍鍛婂叕鍏筹紝3G骞垮憡浠庝腑澶數瑙嗗彴鍋氬埌鍦版柟鎶ョ焊锛岄潰瀛愬伐绋嬪ぇ杩囧疄闄呮晥搴旓紝璁ㄥソ濯掍綋鐢氫簬鍏冲績鐢ㄦ埛銆?br />
銆??杩愯惀鍟嗘湁閽辩牳骞垮憡娌′粈涔堢█濂囷紝鐜板湪璋佹暍灏戝仛骞垮憡鎵嶆槸鐪熺殑鐗涖?3G鍙戝睍浠婚噸閬撹繙锛屽綋鍓嶆渶瑕佺揣鐨勬槸鍩嬪ご浼樺寲缃戠粶銆傚氨绠楁殏鏃跺彲鑳介伃鍙楀喎閬囥?閬彈涓嶅叕姝o紝浣嗗彧瑕佺巼鍏堢粰鐢ㄦ埛甯︽潵鑹ソ鐨?G浣撻獙锛岀粓灏嗗喅鑳滃競鍦恒?灏卞儚鎴戜滑鎶ョぞ瀵归潰閭e鍟嗗満涓?ぉ12灏忔椂楂橀煶鍠囧彮鍠婄殑閭f牱鈥滈噾鏉摱鏉笉濡傜敤鎴风殑鍙g鈥濄?鍙浣犵殑3G缃戠粶濂界敤锛岀敤鎴疯嚜鐒朵細璁ゅ彲銆?G涓嶆槸闈犲箍鍛婂惞鍑烘潵鐨勶紝缃戠粶杩樻病鎴愮啛鐨勬椂鍊欎綍蹇呮氮璐归偅涔堝浜哄姏銆佽储鍔涘湪涓婇潰鍛紝鍏堣笍韪忓疄瀹炴悶濂藉缓璁惧惂銆?br />


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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Email will be transferred to other mailboxes in Gmail

I started using gmail a year ago, I was still in my mailbox in the original there are a lot of messages. Because I like to save the message for long periods and often retrieve them, so I would like to move them to gmail, so I can store them in one place, and can simply search them up.

Later, I successfully moved them, of course I got a lot of experience.


First, you need to tell the gmail POP how the transfer from the old mail messages. Into Settings> Accounts> Get mail from other accounts> Add another mail account (set the> account> Get mail from other addresses> Add a user account). You can pop in a new type requires the output of the e-mail address. After clicking "Next Step"

I found the transfer of messages labeled "Imported" to label a very effective (you can use any label you want), so I can easily identify the messages transferred.

Then, make sure "Add Account", finally, select "Yes, I want to be able to send mail as" I like to use "from: me" in the search for gmail, so I can easily retrieve the message. I would like to confirm whether through old email address and a pseudonym, and the last step to achieve this desire.

From your old mailbox to export e-mail

If you still want to send messages via a native address, and gmail as receiving mail, you can build. Custom "From:" to achieve: Settings> Accounts> Send mail as:> Add another email address.

Click "Next Step" and "Send Verification.", You will receive an e-mail note, once you set up, you can choose the original address in the "From" to reply or forward.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

Bluesea MPG M4V Convert

Bluesea MPG M4V Convert is a powerful video conversion program and easy convert MPG to MPEG, AVI, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MOV, RM, VCD, DVD, SVCD formats. also can support batch video files conversion of different video formats such as DVD AVI MPEG ASF MOV SWF at the same time. it also can support to burn VCD SVCD DVD. And best of all, it has a powerful video decompress/compress engine that convert whole MPG movie to DVD in 30 minutes! Except for converting AVI to iPod Video and converting Video to iPod,it also supports converting among MPG, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MOV, RM, PSP Video, iPod Video, Zune Video, iPhone Video!

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Youtube Video to Flash Products

Hot popluar youtube video Converter + download + player tool. With YouTube tool you can also convert downloaded YouTube videos to a format compatible with your favorite portable device; including - iPod Video, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone, Zune, PSP, as well as video capable MP3 players, video capable mobile phones, and Pocket PC, And finally... YouTube tool's embedded player will allow you to watch all your favorite YouTube videos off-line. So now you can enjoy any .flv and .swf videos anytime!
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Friday, June 18, 2010

Bluesea DVD VCD to AVI

Bluesea DVD VCD to AVI is a powerful easy-to-use DVD VCD to AVI Converter software, Faster convert DVD VCD to AVI MP4 format and convert DVD VCD to AVI audio formats MP3, AAC, WAV, put DVD on AVI with great quality and super fast converting speed! Can help you convert the video files on your PC to the compatible format of AVI. It supports all the popular formats including WMV, Divx, XviD, AVI, ASF, MPEG, MPG, DAT, RM, RMVB and so forth, with DVD VCD to AVI Converter, you can convert them to videos and audio that compatible with AVI easily, get it to make your home TV more shining.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

LasVegas DVD to iPhone

LasVegas DVD to iPhone is the fastest DVD movie to iPhone video converter software so far in the world. and reliable tools for DVD MPEG2 video to iPhone video format video conversion. Almost all kinds of DVD formats was supported by LasVegas DVD to iPhone. With DVD to iPhone Converter, you can convert almost all kinds of DVD to iPhone video (mp4) format. Its conversion speed is far faster than real-time, converting one DVD movie only takes half an hour in some high-end computers. LasVegas DVD Movie to iPhone Video Converter supports single-step conversion of DVD video into iPhone-ready MPEG-4 format while some other soft wares need two steps which wastes unnecessary time.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Movavi DVD Ripper

Movavi DVD Ripperr is a simple yet smart and powerful video converter.
With Movavi DVD Ripper, you can easily convert DVD movies to all popular video formats, save your DVDs for iPod, Apple TV, PSP, Zune, iPhone, any cellphone, join multiple video files into one, extract soundtracks from your DVDs, convert videos from DVDs to the

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Convert between all formats:
Input formats: VOB, DVD, IFO
Output formats: AVI, MPEG (DVD, VCD, SVCD), MPEG4 (MP4, iPod, PSP), FLV, 3gpp, 3gpp2, MOV, WMV, RM, WAV, WMA.

Join multiple video files:
Use Join feature to merge multiple VOB, DVD, IFOfiles into one large movie file. You can add as many files of any formats as you need to the list and combine them fast and easy.

Rip your DVD collection:
Use Movavi DVD Ripper and save your DVD to any video format: AVI, MPEG (DVD, VCD, SVCD), MPEG4 (iPod, MP4, PSP), 3gpp, 3gpp2, FLV, MOV, WMV (for Zune ), RM. Just select the needed IFO files from your DVD, select the language, choose the output format, and - save your video!

Share your video masterpieces:
It's pretty easy to publish your video files on the web with Movavi DVD Ripper!
Just convert your movies to MOV, WMV or RM formats which are ideal for streaming video on the internet, upload them to a web server - and share with your friends.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

LasVegas PS2 Converter

LasVegas PS2 Converter converts AVI, DivX/Xvid, WMV, MPEG videos to PS2 WMV or MP4 video format in one simple click. It is a powerful PS2 MPEG4 video converter/PS2 burner with fast working speed in burning movie to PS2 and downloading movie to PS2. Now you can get this PS2 MPEG4 video converter at a very competitive price! Its key features include: The software features superb video audio quality and fast conversion speed. And it is very easy to use.

LasVegas PS2 Video Converter is a best video and movie converter to PS2! This product offers convert movie to Sony PS2, Easy Convert AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, DivX, ASF, VOB, 3GP and etc. LasVegas PS2 Converter helps you watch your music videos and movies on your PS2.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Swift DVD to RM DAT

Swift DVD to RM DAT is the best RealMedia converter software. easy convert Real Media files(.rm, .rmvb) to AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VCD, SVCD, DVD files. convert RM/RMVB to AVI DIVX XVID MPEG VCD SVCD DVD and burn to DVD/CD. You can change the codec/system type to PAL or NTSC, and adjust the video size of the output files . It supports to convert almost all video, such as: RM to AVI, RM to DIVX XVID, RM to MPEG-1, RM to MPEG-2, RM to WMV, RM to VCD, RM to DVD, RM to PSP Video, iPod Video, Zune Video, iPhone Video...

Support convert AVI, Divx, ASF, WMV, WMA, MPEG, MOV, QT, RM, RMVB, file to MPEG with all encode format such as VCD PAL/NTSC, SVCD PAL/NTSC, DVD PAL/NTSC, MPEG-1 standard, MPEG-2 standard etc. Support convert AVI, Divx, ASF, WMV, WMA, MPEG, MOV, QT, RM, RMVB, file to AVI with all encode format such as DIVX, XVID, Mircosoft MPEG-4 etc.

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Convert mov files

Friday, April 2, 2010

Bluesea DVD to FLV

Bluesea DVD to FLV is a All-in-One powerful tool. Convert all popular video and audio formats to Youtube video, swf or flv to video, such as avi, mpeg, 3gp, mp4, mov, it offers the solutions to problems that many other flash to video converting tools cannot solve, such as video and audio asynchronization, loss of frames, audio distortion, the process of alpha channel, and the process of both internal and external Flash video(flv). With the leading audio and video codec, Bluesea DVD to FLV lets you easily and fully enjoy the original effects of your Flash files on your PC, iPod, PSP, Zune, iPhone, DVD players and Youtube Video, Google video, Myspace Video. In conclusion, with easy-to-use interface, fast converting speed, powerful functions.

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Quicktime To Mkv Converter Download

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One-click CD/DVD Copy

Want to clone a DVD movie, audio CD or any other disc you have? Imagine that you can do this in one simple click without even running any application!

One-click CD/DVD Copy is a new no-frills disk copier that can clone any disc, such as DVD movies, audio CDs, MP3 discs, data backups and more. And what's most incredible is that it works directly from Windows right-click menu! Once installed, One-click CD/DVD Copy seamlessly integrates into Windows and becomes a part of it. You can copy DVDs or CDs by simply right-clicking the disc in Windows Explorer or "My computer". It's extremely easy in use!

You'll be surprised that One-click CD/DVD Copy is a completely automatic program, it detects a disc inserted into a drive and makes one or more copies as you wish. It doesn't ask you a bunch of questions like other programs do. You just right-click the disc and get your copy!

Sometimes simplicity equates with powerless, but it's not so with One-click CD/DVD Copy. The program provides a full set of advanced features, can copy from drive to drive and understands all kinds of CD and DVD media. It can clone copy-protected DVD movies without quality loss making a 1:1 copy on a blank DVD or on hard drive, including trailers, subtitles, bonuses and more.

Audio CDs are also not a problem for this program, it produces an unlimited number of perfect audio copies. It can copy a CD not only to a blank CD, but also several CDs to a DVD, a feature that allows you to copy up to 6 CDs to one DVD disk. You can also backup any disk to your computer.

One-click CD/DVD Copy is a fine solution for novices, home users, time-pressed experts, and anyone who want to get a disc copy quickly and painlessly. It's simple, it's easy-to-use and it does what's expected. If bulky DVD copiers are getting you down, and you're not happy with overcomplicated tools and looking for something really simple, One-click CD/DVD Copy is the right choice.

Get more on CD/DVD Copy at

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best avi to dat Changer

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Youtube Video to H264 Ultra

Hot popluar youtube video Converter + download + player tool. With YouTube tool you can also convert downloaded YouTube videos to a format compatible with your favorite portable device; including - iPod Video, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone, Zune, PSP, as well as video capable MP3 players, video capable mobile phones, and Pocket PC, And finally... YouTube tool's embedded player will allow you to watch all your favorite YouTube videos off-line. So now you can enjoy any .flv and .swf videos anytime!
Supports YouTube video or any .flv and .swf file as input file. Supports not only YouTube video, but also various video formats as input file, including avi, DivX, XviD, rm, rmvb, MOV, MPEG, WMV. Supports a wide variety of output file format., including avi, DivX, XviD, rm, rmvb, MOV, MPEG, WMV. Provides various profiles, these profiles can meet the needs of most people. - is the most powerful YouTube assistant on the planet.

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Mjpeg To Asf

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bluesea DVD to Mobile

Bluesea DVD to Mobile is an All-in-One solution to create Mobile Phone 3GP movies from DVDs, TV shows and downloaded videos. The software combines DVD to Mobile Converter and 3GP Video Converter in one package for discounted price. The software is easy to use. It features superb video audio quality and the fastest conversion techniques availabe on the market (Up to 3x faster).

Bluesea DVD to Mobile easy converts all popular video formats such as AVI, DivX/Xvid, WMV, RM, MPG, MOV, MPEG (and many more) videos into Mobile Phone 3GP format. Watch movies on the road. Support all mobile phones with 3GP video capability. The software is very easy to use. It compresses a full lengh movie into small size which can be fitted in a 128MB memory card. Carry your movie theater on the go! Watch movies anywhere, anytime - a new life style.

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mjpeg to asf

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bluesea iPod SWF Encode

Bluesea iPod SWF Encode is a professional video converter to convert almost all popular video/movie formats to iPhone MP4 format. The output iPod MP4 video files can be played on your Apple iPod. All popular video/movie formats are supported, including AVI, MPEG/MPG/DAT, WMV, ASF, MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, H264, MPEG4, AVC, MOV, QT, DivX, XviD, VOB, FLV, etc. The amazing output quality with super fast conversion speed is brough you by the built-in power MPEG4 encoder. All the output iPod MP4 videos fit your Apple iPhone.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Youtube Video to iphone Online

It's most popular and very easy to use YouTube tools. helps you Fast download, convert, play, manage your favorite YouTube videos. If you're a YouTube fan, you'll love YouTube tool! is the most powerful YouTube assistant on the planet. YouTube tool easily: 1. Fast downloads YouTube videos, 2. Supports unlimited simultaneous downloads (a real time saver!), 3. Automatically names the downloaded video the same as the YouTube title, 4. Converts YouTube videos to various video formats, including Video, DVD, VCD, AVI, MPG, MPEG, Divx, Xvid, WMV, RM, RMVB, MOV, MP4, 3GP, SWF, DAT, H264, VOB, Flash, PDA, M4V, 3G2, AMV, CDA, DV,QuickTime, ASX, TV, VHS, FLV, H264, BDMV, MAC, Apple TV, Zune, iPod, PDA, PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Mobile Phone, Cell Phone, Blackberry, Wii, Laptops, Printers, Palm OS, Pocket PC, PPC, Treo, Psion, EPOC, iphone.
Supports customize or create user's own profile for any new (portable) device. The video conversion supports preview. About Playing Features. Embedded YouTube Video (Offline) Player is available, it supports offline play YouTube video, .flv video and .swf video. Supports "Drag and Drop" video files direct to the main window. Easy to select the source files. Cool UI skin available. - is the most powerful YouTube assistant on the planet.

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Matroska Converter Program

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Merry FLV Converter

Merry FLV Converter is easy converts your Flash swf files to compliant Avi, Mpeg, VCD, SVCD or DVD structures (VOB and IFO).It converts your batch files into a compliant DVD Video set of files and burns it on a DVD blank media DVD+-R(W). The aspect ratio can be automatically selected or forced to a specific format. The program works for NTSC and PAL video format and create automatically chapters. Multiple audio tracks are supported. and burn them to a DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD-RW, so that you can play your Flash swf on DVD player.It is a Powerful and versatile DVD creator. The user-firenldy and easy-to-use interface lets you set begin-time/end-time for each Flash swf and batch convert. Very quick in conversion speed and no quality is lost! Cool SWF Converter Mixer Convert Macromedia Flash SWF to MPEG AVI video file. SWF to Video Converter is a powerful utility that supports to convert Macromedia Flash SWF files to MPEG AVI or VCD SVCD DVD compatible MPEG files including movie clips, action scripts and audio in the Flash movies. Also join many SWF files in one large AVI or VCD SVCD DVD compatible MPEG file. Allow the human interaction on Flash content during conversion, no skip frames and support 32bits RGBA alpha channel video that can be directed imported by video authoring tool for composition. Main features: batch conversion for SWFs to MPEG AVI VCD SVCD DVDs, batch Join for SWFs to MPEG AVI VCD SVCD DVDs, join many SWF files in one large video file, extract MP3/WAV sound.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bluesea SVCD Convert

Bluesea SVCD Convert is easy and fast DVD VOB software with powerful and integrative functions. Easy convert VOB files to all popular video and audio formats with easy. It includes features of both VOB Ripper and VOB to Audio Ripper. With it, you can easily rip your VOB Files to all popular video formats such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, RM, MOV, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, Xvid, ASF, etc., and convert VOB to audio formats including MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, AC3, M4A, MP2, OGG, etc. It can support many personal multimedia devices such as PSP, iPod, Zune, iPhone, PDA and MP4 player, with the fastest speed.

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WINDOWS rm to avi

Monday, February 8, 2010

MOV to AVI MPEG WMV Converter

MOV to AVI MPEG WMV Converter is an excellent MOV conversion tool which can convert QuickTime MOV to AVI, MPEG, VCD, DVD, WMV, ASF, MP4, 3GP, FLV formats.

Integrated High-speed MPEG encoder which let you make DVD-Video files(VIDEO_TS, AUDIO_TS) and VCD/SVCD image(*.bin,*.cue) , so you can burn VCD/SVCD/DVD disc easily by using third-party buring tools.

MOV to AVI MPEG WMV Converter is easy to use program with friendly interface.With the powerful QuickTime decoder and all video encoders inside, you don't need any other software to make it work, even QuickTime Player has not been installed.

Key Features:
Convert MOV, QT to AVI, DivX, Xvid
Convert MOV, QT to MPEG1, MPEG2
Convert MOV, QT to VCD,SVCD,DVD compatible MPEG formats
Convert MOV, QT to VCD SVCD image(*.BIN,*.CUE) and DVD-Video files(*.IFO,*.VOB,*.BUP)
Convert MOV, QT to WMV, ASF
Convert MOV, QT to MP4, 3GP, FLV
All encoders and codecs are built-in and any supported conversion can be done once you downloading the software
Batch files conversion
Output size adjustment, output quality adjustment
Cut unwanted parts by specifing start time and end time
NTSC/PAL setting options for DVD, VCD, SVCD exporting
Support "Drag and Drop" from Windows Explorer
Custom define the output audio volume.
Add letterbox to keep the original aspect ratio
Support large video file, even large then 2GB
Fast conversion speeds and high quality
Simple GUI and very EASY to use
Lifetime FREE Technical Support and FREE upgrade . Free trial download.30 day money back guarantee

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Merry DVD to iPod Converter

Merry DVD to iPod Converter is a easy and fast iPod Video software. you may rip DVDs to iPod mp4, mp3, m4a and aac. After the help of iPod Movie Converter, it is easy to convert MPEG, AVI, WMV, RM, 3GP, etc formats to iPod video (MP4) and MP3.

Merry DVD to iPod Converter is the easiest DVD to iPod Converter software. It is as easy to use as just a few clicks to convert a DVD to iPod! Merry DVD to iPod Converter automatically detects your hardware configuration and decide an optimized conversion scheme. Its preview display enables you to observe the whole converting process, making the waiting time enjoyable!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Happiness AVI Divx RM to FLV

Happiness AVI Divx RM to FLV is a All-in-One powerful tool. Convert all popular video and audio formats to Youtube video, swf or flv to video, such as avi, mpeg, 3gp, mp4, mov, it offers the solutions to problems that many other flash to video converting tools cannot solve, such as video and audio asynchronization, loss of frames, audio distortion, the process of alpha channel, and the process of both internal and external Flash video(flv). With the leading audio and video codec, Happiness AVI Divx RM to FLV lets you easily and fully enjoy the original effects of your Flash files on your PC, iPod, PSP, Zune, iPhone, DVD players and Youtube Video, Google video, Myspace Video. In conclusion, with easy-to-use interface, fast converting speed, powerful functions.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kacoo PSP Converter

Kacoo PSP Converter converts AVI, DivX/Xvid, WMV, MPEG videos to PSP WMV or MP4 video format in one simple click. It is a powerful PSP MPEG4 video converter/PSP burner with fast working speed in burning movie to PSP and downloading movie to PSP. Now you can get this PSP MPEG4 video converter at a very competitive price! Its key features include: The software features superb video audio quality and fast conversion speed. And it is very easy to use.

Kacoo PSP Video Converter is a best video and movie converter to PSP! This product offers convert movie to Sony PSP, Easy Convert AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, DivX, ASF, VOB, 3GP and etc. Kacoo PSP Converter helps you watch your music videos and movies on your PSP.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Bluesea DVD VCD VOB Editor

Bluesea DVD VCD VOB Editor is a easy-to-use and high speed All-in-One AVI, MPG, MPEG 1/2/4, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, DivX, Xvid, ASF, 3GP, Youtube FLV to DVD VOB manager. This software can burn video to DVD and convert video to VOB and finish all your tasks with the fastest speed possible and the best quality available. No one will ask how to make a DVD video anymore once they try this great video to VOB manager. We highly recommend this program because we think it will make your multimedia life a lot easier and more enjoyable. It allows you to specify NTSC or PAL format, adjust 4:3 or 16:9 video aspect, and burn either DVD disc or ISO file. By setting bitrate and framerate, you can get excellent quality on TV screen. Just free download and enjoy it right now! DVD VCD VOB Editor helps you not only to slide show your favorite photos on TV but also watch video files on your computer or on your TV.

Recommand Link:

mkv to divx converter