Thursday, October 14, 2010

Liang Dong, vice president of Baidu's resignation

"Pundits" Liang winter will no longer be Baidu's vice president, his next step is to continue to "spread traditional Chinese culture."

Last Friday, Baidu formally announced its top public relations executives beam news of the resignation of winter. Baidu said Liang Dong in the next two months or so to complete the transition, then will participate in the social welfare services.

Baidu to enter when he is talking heads of the beam Phoenix Baidu CEO Robin Li winter once and agreed only in Baidu for two years. Sure enough, Baidu services for more than two years later, Liang Dong successfully accomplished our mission. Laid for the success of the brand-based Baidu, he has accumulated enough business capital, the return value of stock options received amazing.

Baidu is given in terms of high winter beam evaluation, that he helped build from Baidu corporate culture and external public relations framework, and by planning a series of books laid Baidu in China, the first impression the public mind.

Liang Dong, said he did not intend to go to other companies recently as the substantive work, the main task is to do public service activities, including promotion, including Chinese traditional culture. At the same time, Liang Dong will serve as Baidu Senior Brand Planner.

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