Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Email will be transferred to other mailboxes in Gmail

I started using gmail a year ago, I was still in my mailbox in the original there are a lot of messages. Because I like to save the message for long periods and often retrieve them, so I would like to move them to gmail, so I can store them in one place, and can simply search them up.

Later, I successfully moved them, of course I got a lot of experience.


First, you need to tell the gmail POP how the transfer from the old mail messages. Into Settings> Accounts> Get mail from other accounts> Add another mail account (set the> account> Get mail from other addresses> Add a user account). You can pop in a new type requires the output of the e-mail address. After clicking "Next Step"

I found the transfer of messages labeled "Imported" to label a very effective (you can use any label you want), so I can easily identify the messages transferred.

Then, make sure "Add Account", finally, select "Yes, I want to be able to send mail as" I like to use "from: me" in the search for gmail, so I can easily retrieve the message. I would like to confirm whether through old email address and a pseudonym, and the last step to achieve this desire.

From your old mailbox to export e-mail

If you still want to send messages via a native address, and gmail as receiving mail, you can build. Custom "From:" to achieve: Settings> Accounts> Send mail as:> Add another email address.

Click "Next Step" and "Send Verification.", You will receive an e-mail note, once you set up, you can choose the original address in the "From" to reply or forward.

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