Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3G can not be blown out by advertising

3G's hype can be summarized as three false: fake commercial, fake Networking, fake rate. China's 3G standard three operators have their own advantages and disadvantages, and some network building in building a network quickly and some slowly, some speed and some high speed low, and some more, some terminal end less, there is a gradually improve the process. However, some operators to put their own packaging into "High," image, at exaggeration, this approach will advance the user trust the cultivation of 3G market risks caused.

Zhang is wanted a good newspaper, it is really not easy. Do say "Hi I'm so Hello everybody," then the reader is to BS-ing in the mind of; but really want to reveal some of the issues in depth, some people immediately jump up to find you "talk." Since the "Times the truth," the purpose is to lecture the truth, would not avoid the problem, but sometimes unavoidable euphemism that this point of comment is not specific business name, and our intention has always been to promote the sound development of industry, not necessarily Which companies have to and make life difficult.

This year, if the domestic media's advertising revenue than last year, however, it was too sorry carriers. Turn on the TV, read newspapers, all three 3G operators in advertising, and non-prime-time television advertisements are not broadcast, non-front-page newspaper ads are not registered, only the CCTV operators each month, we should invest to 20 million yuan We race "is not bad money." Really need to do this? 3G is a take-off the communications industry, but the domestic 3G just getting started, some operators do not even have started market conditions, still omnipresent advertising, exaggeration of the Department abound, such overdraft user trust approach will result in the cultivation of 3G market risks.

The current 3G hype can be summarized as three false. The first is a fake commercial, the three operators have announced the launching of the 3G business, but the excitement if the user ran a business in a particular room operators to apply for 3G services, a salesperson may tell him: "This really is not. We say that the commercial is booking business, you first apply for a, few months so we opened the network to notify you again. "Since the 3G has not advertise commercial Why hurry? Because other carriers have announced that they do not follow what, makes it appear quite backward.

銆??绗簩鏄亣寤虹綉銆傚悇瀹惰繍钀ュ晢鍐涘绔炶禌浼煎湴瀹e竷鑷繁鐨?G寤虹綉娑堟伅锛屼綘璇磋鐩栦簡40涓煄甯傦紝鎴戣瑕嗙洊浜?0涓煄甯傦紝濂藉儚宸ョ▼娴╁ぇ鐨?G缃戠粶鍙互鍙樻垙娉曡埇鍦板畬鎴愶紝浣嗗叾瀹炴湁浜涘甯冨紑閫?G鐨勫煄甯傜綉缁滃苟涓嶆垚鐔熴?鏌愬杩愯惀鍟嗙粰涓?簺璇曠偣鍩庡競鐨処T璁拌?鎻愪緵浜嗕竴鎵?G涓婄綉鍗′綔浣撻獙锛岀粨鏋滃叏鍥絀T璁拌?涓?澶达紝閮借鎶婅繖瀹惰繍钀ュ晢鐨?G涓婄綉鍗℃墧杩涙娊灞夐噷浜嗭紝鍘熸潵瑕佹壘鍒拌繖瀹惰繍钀ュ晢鐨?G淇″彿锛屽氨璺熸兂鍦ㄥぇ琛椾笂鎹?00鍧楅挶涓?牱鍥伴毦銆?br />
銆??绗笁鏄亣閫熺巼銆?G姣旇捣2G鏉ユ槸宸ㄥぇ鐨勯璺冿紝浣嗕篃涓嶈兘琚鍖栵紝鏈夌殑杩愯惀鍟?G骞垮憡涓啓鐨勯?鐜囪浜轰竴韬喎姹楋紝閮芥瘮鏈夌嚎瀹藉甫蹇笂濂藉嚑鍊嶏紝閭h繕鐢ㄥ緱鐫?幓寤鸿鏈夌嚎瀹藉甫鍚?璇曢獙瀹や腑鐨勭悊璁烘暟鎹湪瀹為檯搴旂敤涓槸娌℃湁瀹為檯鎰忎箟鐨勶紝鎶婅繖绉嶆暟鎹嬁鏉ュ仛瀹d紶鍙細涓嶆伆褰撳湴鎶珮鐢ㄦ埛鐨勬湡鏈涘?銆?br />
銆??3G鍓嶆櫙骞块様锛屼絾涓嶅彲鑳戒竴韫磋?灏便?涓浗涓夊杩愯惀鍟嗙殑3G鍒跺紡鍚勬湁浼樺姡,鏈夌殑寤虹綉蹇偣鏈夌殑寤虹綉鎱㈢偣銆佹湁鐨勯?鐜囬珮鐐规湁鐨勯?鐜囦綆鐐广?鏈夌殑缁堢澶氱偣鏈夌殑缁堢灏戠偣锛岄兘鏈変竴涓?姝ュ畬鍠勭殑杩囩▼銆備絾鏈夌殑杩愯惀鍟嗕负鎶婅嚜宸卞寘瑁呮垚鈥滈珮澶у叏鈥濈殑褰㈣薄锛屼笉鎯滃じ澶у叾杈炪?閭d簺鍚嶄笉绗﹀疄鐨勫浼犲叾瀹炰綔涓瘮杈冩祴璇曞氨鑳芥祴鍑烘潵锛屼簬鏄繍钀ュ晢鍙堝繖涓嶈凯鍦板幓鍋氬箍鍛婂叕鍏筹紝3G骞垮憡浠庝腑澶數瑙嗗彴鍋氬埌鍦版柟鎶ョ焊锛岄潰瀛愬伐绋嬪ぇ杩囧疄闄呮晥搴旓紝璁ㄥソ濯掍綋鐢氫簬鍏冲績鐢ㄦ埛銆?br />
銆??杩愯惀鍟嗘湁閽辩牳骞垮憡娌′粈涔堢█濂囷紝鐜板湪璋佹暍灏戝仛骞垮憡鎵嶆槸鐪熺殑鐗涖?3G鍙戝睍浠婚噸閬撹繙锛屽綋鍓嶆渶瑕佺揣鐨勬槸鍩嬪ご浼樺寲缃戠粶銆傚氨绠楁殏鏃跺彲鑳介伃鍙楀喎閬囥?閬彈涓嶅叕姝o紝浣嗗彧瑕佺巼鍏堢粰鐢ㄦ埛甯︽潵鑹ソ鐨?G浣撻獙锛岀粓灏嗗喅鑳滃競鍦恒?灏卞儚鎴戜滑鎶ョぞ瀵归潰閭e鍟嗗満涓?ぉ12灏忔椂楂橀煶鍠囧彮鍠婄殑閭f牱鈥滈噾鏉摱鏉笉濡傜敤鎴风殑鍙g鈥濄?鍙浣犵殑3G缃戠粶濂界敤锛岀敤鎴疯嚜鐒朵細璁ゅ彲銆?G涓嶆槸闈犲箍鍛婂惞鍑烘潵鐨勶紝缃戠粶杩樻病鎴愮啛鐨勬椂鍊欎綍蹇呮氮璐归偅涔堝浜哄姏銆佽储鍔涘湪涓婇潰鍛紝鍏堣笍韪忓疄瀹炴悶濂藉缓璁惧惂銆?br />


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