Monday, September 27, 2010

SAP Appoints Seaman to expand the functions of president, North Asia

February 2, 2005, SAP Asia Pacific today announced the appointment of Mr. Seaman, president of SAP North Asia, responsible for SAP company in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea are all business. Expansion of the scope of the functions that SAP company insists on the growing Asia Pacific market and commitment to customers and key markets through the Asia-Pacific region (eg China) to better co-operation between service to our customers.

Mr. Seaman joined SAP in 1997, Chinese companies, as Greater China president, director of SAP in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan region. Under his leadership, SAP, and the channels through enhanced cooperation, the Greater China into a major R & D center; by 鎻愪緵 SAP in various industries and service solutions in the area, establish SAP's leading position in the SME market and SME users and the general partners to create more value, and so on SAP Greater China region continues to grow, SAP Asia Pacific has become the most powerful markets.

SAP Asia Pacific president Leihan Peng (Hans Peter Klaey), said: "Under the leadership of Mr. Seaman, SAP in China by leading information technology companies to accelerate the company's business processes, business transparency and efficiency. The terms of reference expansion, but also fully demonstrates that SAP will continue to invest in the growing North Asia, through the SAP Open and plasticity solutions for the best platform to build future business. "

Prior to joining SAP, Mr. Seaman has worked at Siemens AG, responsible for South America and Asia region. Joined SAP company, Mr. Seaman's "Lighthouse Plan" and "C-TOP" corporate culture has appeared on numerous television talk shows and magazine covers business reports. Mr. Seaman graduated from the University of Trier Master degree in Economics, he also participated in training courses, general manager of the Harvard Business School and Tsinghua University and served as a lecturer Neusoft Institute of Information Technology.


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VEGAS DVD The Road (2) DVD menu making

Create DVD menus, video and audio material are usually ready for the future. That is, DV works in the collection, editing (you can use the VEGAS editor, you can also use other non-linear editing software) after the output up into MPEG2 format. And DVD authoring software and then these have been treated for processing audio and video files.

This is a common practice. In fact, Sonic Foundry DVD Architect supports audio and video files into many formats. Do not adhere to the traditional DVD format MPEG2 such authentic. Sonic Foundry DVD Architect can import the video and audio file formats: WMV, ASF, MOV, MPG (MPEG, M2P, MP2), DAT, AVI, WAV, AC3, MP3 and so on. Can be directly imported into design software for DVD compression. As the last generation of non-DVD files, need to convert MPEG2 format file, so time-consuming conversion process is very long. And VEGAS rendering non-code output after almost time for the appropriate format.

Therefore, in order to save time, or for DVD production is usually ready to meet before DVD format video and audio material.

Talk about the DVD format as simple as the preparation of MPEG2 files

First of all, edited by VEGAS rendering the material as MPEG2 format. The following is the operator in VEGAS!

Completed the first of the editing of video and audio material generated rendering. Select the menu option on the map.

Appears when saving settings options. First of all, choose to save files. Remember that directory where the disk space must be large enough to be mounted under the rendering of the outcome document. 1G to 4G are usually retained in between. In short make sure you save disk space before saving enough to render results.

And then select the Save as type. Is shown in the figure above labeled 1. MAIN CONCEPT MPEG2 to select the Save as type.

And then select the compressed template is indicated diagram two drop-down menu. Usually, many people forget this step operation, rendering the results come out is not ideal fit. Then the mind to clear rendering of the standard is what? China often choose PAL format and require the choice of playing in the United States and Japan NTSC standard. DV shooting some special effects not only to select the format, have to choose whether to 24P mode video stream. Then see the drop-down menu on the map by a red box of these formats. These formats are DVD ARCHITECT at the beginning of the template. We want to create DVD in DVD ARCHITECT should begin with these DVD ARCHITECT select the template. Selected in accordance with the above-mentioned principles to. China's usually selected DVD ARCHITECT PAL VIDEO, USA and Japan often choose DVD ARCHITECT NTSC VIDEO STREAM. Other DVD ARCHITECT at the beginning of the template is rather special, if you need to select these special templates, you must have known that the special features of these templates. So this is not to say more.

There is also a universal DVD output format, the red line in the figure above, there are two formats: DVD NTSC VIDEO STREAM and DVD PAL SEPARATE STREAMS. In accordance with these two template output of DVD format MPEG2 files can be used other DVD production of documents. Such as DVD LAB, REEL DVD, DVD IT and so on. Of course, DVD ARCHITECT can use, but can not guarantee when the final output DVD without additional conversion.

When the author rendering usually through this simple three steps: select the directory, select the format, select the template. Then direct rendering. For CUSTOM button next to the character set, usually do not change. It was devoted to the CUSTOM file size under different settings and quality differences. It is also a science, not this be discussed.

VEGAS above are for the discussion of the output DVD file format. Looking back now, DVD ARCHITECT software.

Run DVD ARCHITECT if no previous DVD editing, it should come out blank DVD editing interface. Or they may automatically open the last of the editing project. Blank DVD editing program interface is as follows:


This is a completely blank project, location of a figure in English MAIN MENU is the software automatically generated. Told us, here is the main menu. Position 2 is the directory on the local computer hard drive, where the video material has been prepared to directory.

Add material

DVD ARCHITECT add in the material as long as the audio and video files using the left mouse button point of view areas to live material file link, and then onto the DVD menu, release the mouse left button. Just added the video footage shown. Can see that this figure adds two materials. Material default shape is a video of a static thumbnail, below is the file name. Thumbnail is the first frame of this video image, so a thumbnail of the video material is black, the other thumbnail is a subtitle. This demonstration, we use a MOV file, a WMV file.

Change Thumbnail

The default is the first frame images most representative of this paragraph is not necessarily the video screen. Usually need to choose the thumbnail images. To select a thumbnail directly with the mouse double-click on the thumbnail. Video material will appear editing interface. The following diagram:

This interface in the last presentation talked about. Click to mark a return to a higher level interface. Part 2 is marked as thumbnail menu select button. Marked three dynamic film started and the area selection menu button.

Static thumbnails below the menu selection method:

Online at this interface with the mouse any time designate a point in time, the preview window will appear the current time of the video screen. This section can also hold down the PLAY plays video, the need to press the stop button time STOP. Offices in the selected time frame shown in the figure by pressing the button (a blue downward triangle). Will be found in the selected time point for the emergence of a time marked with a blue triangle point. Note the software has been recorded this time as the entire menu screen thumbnails.

Then you can press the upper interface of the "Up" button to return to the superior interface. Then you can see thumbnails of the video material has become just a menu selection screen. See below.

Now we have to change the menu text. The default menu language is the video file name. To edit the menu text. First, the click of the mouse click menu item to change the text. Make this project has been selected. The selected menu item has a frame surrounded, and the whole show translucent menu items. At this point press the keyboard button "F2" or click interface marked as 2 "EDIT TEXT" button. These two operations the same functionality.

Pressed after the text of the emergence of a blinking cursor, while the blue text was selected.

You can input Chinese characters. Enter the Chinese need to pre-selected Chinese characters, see above. You can set the font, size, centered way, alignment from top to bottom, as well as font color.


The same method to replace the English text MAIN MENU Chinese, the subject can be as long as the subject line DVD, without having to adhere "menu" of the word. You can also adjust the shadow of the text. Press the down arrow next to S image above, you can adjust the shadow color, location, and the virtual level. If necessary, fine adjustment in the shadow of the performance here.

Add menu items

To add DVD menu sub-menus, text, pictures, slides and so on. As long as the design interface in the menu screen, right click. Menu appears as shown above. Choose to add the item can be. Menu item:

1 is inserted text;

2 is insert a picture (JPG, BMP etc format);

3 is the Insert submenu;

4 is inserted picture slide shows;

5 is inserted music collection;

6 is inserted media files (can be audio or video files);

7 is to set the background media files (can be audio or video files), this time playing the menu can also have background music or background of the film;

The last is not marked INSERT PAGE Insert "menu page", a menu if the option is too much, beyond the scope of the screen, you need to flip, that is, insert a new page function. Insert new pages are actually in the same menu with the class level, so insert the menu page and sub-menus are completely different!

Align menu items

Menu button above, text, icons are arranged after completion. Usually need to adjust the alignment, or manually drag the mouse the way the screen layout of these elements, there will always place the difference.

First select the alignment elements aligned elements. These elements can be the menu, title, pictures, etc., as long as the elements visible on the screen. Hold down the CTRL key does not relax the left hand, while the mouse click needs aligned elements, each element of the count. This selected element has translucent white cover. Video menu on the left and right image above is selected, of course, you can re-select the above heading. Then the left red box to see the alignment buttons are active (could have been invalid gray). Map button to see the prompt: There are left-aligned, the alignment, the middle alignment, right alignment. There are other wide button, high-button (press the button, the element will be equal to the height or width).

These steps should be more practice, if you must do a good job DVD menu, the practice is indispensable.

Frame Selection


DVD thumbnail The default frame is a fine wood frame, not every style of video material are suitable. DVD ARCHITECT offers a number of frame templates to choose. See above. First of all, the right choice OBJECT Properties page. Shown in figure 1. Then press the two drop-down menu of options, there will be a preview of frame selection, select a preferred frame, press the frame icon, the menu on the selected thumbnails using the selected frame.

Here you can see the object property 3 below, the thumbnails will not only material from the video itself, you can also specify a separate video screen or just another picture file. Therefore, a very rich source of a thumbnail. As long as enough imagination, you can use a shining thumbnail.

Is shown using a heart-shaped picture frame effect.

Menu Preview

Menu and the completed, need to preview the function. Press Preview "PREVIEW" button, the preview screen appears. One side is the analog television screens, while analog remote control. Press PLAY on the remote control play button, display the menu. Then press the remote control button to select the direction of the various sub-menus or video screen. All responses and true as the finished DVD so that you can test whether the estimated design effect.

Press the CLOSE button to return to preview the complete DVD menu editing interface.

Thus the production of DVD menu steps finished presentation. Introduce the next generation DVD documents.

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